Friday, July 27, 2012

Ch. 31

Man weeks flew by and just as i suspected, i was pregnant.

I wasn't showing to much that people knew, but i knew. So we were trying to rush as fast as we could with the wedding. Man there was so much to do in so little time, and because i was just a wee bit distracted..

Yep, the almost start of my new life and i almost burn down the house. Thank the berries for the firefighters.

Then to top it all off, it was my graduation day. I almost missed it.

After that everything was a blur. I had heard from my brothers and sisters that mom and dad were separated. I couldn't deal with that now. I decided that instead of finding an expensive location that beckett and i could have the ceremony at our house and invite just the family. Hopefully this would go off nicely.

The ceremony was beautiful. With the exception of a couple of glances between my folks everything was fine. Now that we were married, i could focus on our child. I hope that thier life is a little less dramatic then mine.

Little did i know, that my childs life wouldn't be any easier than mine. This would be the day i would hold onto to cherish for what was to come.

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