Friday, July 27, 2012

Ch. 31

Man weeks flew by and just as i suspected, i was pregnant.

I wasn't showing to much that people knew, but i knew. So we were trying to rush as fast as we could with the wedding. Man there was so much to do in so little time, and because i was just a wee bit distracted..

Yep, the almost start of my new life and i almost burn down the house. Thank the berries for the firefighters.

Then to top it all off, it was my graduation day. I almost missed it.

After that everything was a blur. I had heard from my brothers and sisters that mom and dad were separated. I couldn't deal with that now. I decided that instead of finding an expensive location that beckett and i could have the ceremony at our house and invite just the family. Hopefully this would go off nicely.

The ceremony was beautiful. With the exception of a couple of glances between my folks everything was fine. Now that we were married, i could focus on our child. I hope that thier life is a little less dramatic then mine.

Little did i know, that my childs life wouldn't be any easier than mine. This would be the day i would hold onto to cherish for what was to come.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ch. 30

~~Beckett's POV~~

As soon as i kissed her i saw images. Us playing together in a park. Getting married. Having kids. And something along the lines of a..battle..OMB. I remember. Roxie

~~Roxie POV~~

Wow i couldn't believe how great that was. It felt so good and right and natural.

Beckett: Roxie baby. Im glad i found you. I feel like i have never lived until this moment right here.

Me: I know what you mean.

Beckett: How could i have forgotten you, when i swore that i wouldn't.

Me: You had no choice beck, it happened to both of us, i just feel the pull stronger than you do.

Beckett: Well I'm not letting you out of my sight no more. You are always going to be with me. forever.

Me: Of course silly, where else would i be?

Beckett: I mean i want the whole world to know that you belong with me.

Beckett: Roxie, will you do me the honor of being my wife, now and forever?


Me: YES!!

Then things got a little carried away..

and away...

and away.. Now i had to plan a wedding as fast as i could. You know, in case something came up..

While we were sleeping, i heard sounds. Seemed like someone broke into our house. I panicked, i feared that we had been found.

Beckett got up and cornered the robber.

Beckett: I don't know who you are, and what you came here for, but you aren't leaving in the same condition you came in.

On that cue, the police came and basically jumped the robber.

It eventually worked out, and she got her man.

I pushed the thoughts aside that we had been found, i mean i did have a wedding to plan.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ch. 29 ~~Day 2~~

I went to sooo many places, but none of them distracted me, if anything they made me think of Beckett even more...

That night i decided that i was going to go home, a life with beckett no matter how long or short, is better than no life at all.

I called mom and told her what i had decided. She was happy for me. She said was i sure, and i said yes with all my heart. My mom said thats good because my birthday was coming up and whether i liked it or not my memories would come back. I told her i know. I rather be with Beckett when they start to come back and when we kiss he can remember too. She told me she understood and that she loved me.

I flew back on the first flight over there excited to see Beckett. I called him and told him to meet me at the Pier. I was so nervous and i didn't even know why. I started to get a tingling feeling and realized it was only 1 hour until my birthday. I needed to hurry up. I rushed home to change my clothes, and then it happened.. It was my birthday..

He met me there. And he was just as handsome as i remember, even though it was only two days it felt like a lifetime. We looked into each others eyes for what seemed like forever. He finally told me that he missed me and he didn't want to be another second away from. He asked me to move in. I said yes. One minute we are on the pier, and the next I'm at his house. Well our house. Then it happened. We kissed.

Friday, July 13, 2012

CH. 28 ~~Day 1~~

I packed my bags and off i went..can you guess where?

You guessed it. France. The surroundings were so beautiful. I didn't know where to start. I checked in my bags and noticed that i did not have the right attire to be walking around here. I might as well fit in. I asked the concierge where was the nearest place to shop. She pointed me in the direction of this quaint little shop that pretty much sold a little bit of everything.

It had a couple of good things then there were these strange little gnomes setup. I wasn't sure what to think of it so i just kept it moving.

I talked with the shop keeper, Adel Durand. Told her i was only in town for two days and just wanted to change my look to something a bit more fitting in. She said she had just thing and if i didn't mind adding extensions to my hair to make me look a bit more mature. I told her i had no problem with that. I was getting tired of my old look anyway. It screamed rebel child just a bit too much.

She didn't have a dressing room because not that many people come here to buy the clothes, she pointed me to bathroom and said once i was done getting dressed to let her know. Then she would come in and mess with my hair. Im not so sure about the messing with the hair part.

Well i don't know in what mind this is "fitting in". I look more touristy than anything. I guess its better than what i had on before. Cant really go sight seeing in a mini skirt. I decided to call Adel back in so she can mess with my hair. I told her i still wanted my streaks so she had better not mess that up. She said don't worry. Your in safe hands. I wasn't too sure about that.

I loved it, it reminded me of mom. I guess this lady knows what she's doing. I thanked her and was on my way. I had places i wanted to see.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ch. 27

I didn't know what to do with this information. Could i really just walk away from Beckett? I mean what if our life is not all that great. I mean would i really subject him to the troubles thats going on with my family. I don't know if i could do that to him. I needed time to think, time to get away from it all. If we were really meant to be he'll wait for me. First i need to ask mom if i could go away for a few weeks. I know that my birthday is coming up soon. I would be back in time. Im doing great in school and i could care less about prom. Since i had been grounded for coming home late, i figured i would do some chores first before talking to mom.

It only took me cleaning the bathroom for mom to come up to me to see that i was sorry for coming home late. I figured now would be the best chance to ask her. Now don't get me wrong, i love a heart to heart just as much as the next person, but I'm not too sure why we couldn't just talk in my room. Apparently mom thought it better to talk to me in the bathroom.

Then we went out into the hall because Puzzle was creeping me out. That darn toy. Well i laid it all out to her. I was hoping she would understand where i was coming from.

She said she new exactly what i was feeling and hoped that i found what i was looking for. She would talk to the school into letting me finish the rest of the year at home. It was only like 2 months left and with my grades it should be a problem. Now that i had mom out the way i had to talk to Beckett. This was going to be the hardest thing I've ever done.

I waited patiently at the pier. I didn't know exactly what i was going to say. I couldn't really say "Hey Beckett, so i love you but i can't be with you right now, i need to go away to figure some things out. It won't be for long but would you wait for me?"

Beckett: I love you too.

I turned around so fast that my head almost came off.

I wanted to grab him and kiss him so deeply, but i was afraid of the outcome. I didn't want him remembering me yet. I wasn't sure if i was ready for that. So i did the only thing i could do. I gave him a long lasting hug and said goodbye. I didn't even look back because i was afraid if i did, our lives would change.